Finding The Perfect Glasses for Fishing

A beautiful day at the lake (or out on the river) can be hard to beat. Anyone who seriously fishes can attune to the sacredness of a good, peaceful day spent catching carp, bass, and bluegills. What could really make a day better? At Designer Optics we argue that the only possible next step to level up your trips is investing in a quality pair of sunglasses. For the best results and a positive experience behind the rod and reel, you could do well to find a high quality pair tailored to your specific needs. So what should you be looking for?

Any good pair of sunglasses for activities involving water should be polarized. This will give you an upper hand when it comes to spotting fish, lines, and the ground underneath the water. Polarization works by blocking out all the horizontally reflected rays of light, in particular the ones bouncing off of the water’s surface. These are what cause intense glare and poor contrast in colors. Polarization is practically a necessity when buying a pair to use while fly-fishing your favorite river!

The next (and vital) step is selecting what color of lens you’re wanting to use. Each color and shade has different attributes, but all are useful! Examine which might be perfect for your situation:

  • Blue: For the brightest hours of the day, these work great in harsh sunlight, not only protecting your eyes, but allowing you to see with greatly diminished glare.
  • Rose: Also great for bright sunlight, this hue offers great contrast during the day, but suffers slightly when it’s cloudy or when fishing in shaded areas.
  • Amber: Possibly the safest option, amber colored lenses are your best bet for most lighting conditions. This hue (also called brown, or copper) handle contrast and colors well through changes in brightness, making them a good all-around choice.
  • Grey: While not ideal for combating glare, these are a good option if you are aiming to see fish much deeper in the water, and need to keep the colors looking accurate. Good for that specialty, they might not be the greatest for shallow streams.
  • Mixed: Many places now offer options for a mixed lens, which carries the pros and cons of two different colors. There’s plenty of combinations, so research what might work best for you. 

A popular option in our store is the Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley glasses, in differing hues with deeper colors and more effective contrast. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are made specific with the waters and outdoors in mind,  Choosing the right pair of lenses will up your fishing game and provide you more comfortable eyesight with long days on the water!


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