How to Read Your Prescription

See the World Clearly Through Dressed Up Eyes

Ordering your prescription eyeglasses on-line gives you access to daring designer brands at drastically discounted prices. Without a pushy sales person to please, you can take the time you need to choose the perfect frames. Then simply fill out the prescription information and the type of lenses you prefer, and in just days your eyesight is back to 20/20 and your eyes are framed in high class style.

  • Ordering Your Prescription Glasses Onlinedown-arrowup-arrow

    Start by picking your favorite designer frame brand. We carry everyone from the young and sporty Skechers, and daring Harley Davidsons to the sleek, sophisticated Dolce & Gabbana. You can then narrow your search to shape, size and even color. Once you eye that frame to die for, simply click on it for more details.

    Here you are given the option of adding your prescription. All the information needed is right there on the paper your eye doctor gave you. Just fill that in and you will be on your way to perfect vision framed by a designer brand name.

    You get to choose from all the same options like tinting and plastic lenses, but at a much lower price than you are used to.

    Once your order is complete, hit send and our vision experts will review your selections.

    Before getting started, *if needed expect a call from one of our qualified opticians who will briefly go over your order to make sure everything’s perfect. This step ensures that you’re going to be 100% satisfied with your order.

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    Without the worry of a big store, dozens of display racks and multitudes of inexperienced sales personnel, we are able to offer the best in designer brand eye glass frames at incredibly low prices. Click and see for yourself how inexpensive it’s going to be to dress up your eyes in stunning style.

  • We Also Have an Amazing Selection of Prescription Ready Sunglasses to Choose From!down-arrowup-arrow

    Bring bling to the beach with a hot pair of Prada sunglasses, fitted with lenses that let you see all the action. Take long drives in Brooks Brothers shades or keep it classic with the ever popular Ray Bans. Our prescription sunglasses selection is as diverse as you are, giving you dozens of high end frames to choose from.

  • Start Browsing For Your Designer Frames Now, and Literally See For Yourself How 20/20 Can Be Met in Fashionable Frames at Affordable Pricesdown-arrowup-arrow

    *when information is missing, or the optician may want to go it over to make sure the right lenses are chosen.

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