How will I know if my item is on backorder?

On the product page when the item is selected you can see the status of the item, for more information on what those status mean please click here

There is 4 possible status.

1. "IN STOCK" this means we have in stock in our warehouse and it will be shipped within 24 hours, (if you added a prescription it might take longer pleaser refer to "How long does prescription order take")
2. SHIPS WITHIN 7 TO 10 DAYS this is when we do not currently have it in our stock, but is available with the Brand and we normally ship it much sooner, then the 7 to 10 days,
3. Backorder, if the item is on backorder with the Brand then this is what you will see,
4. Discontinued, when an item is no longer available,


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  • Emery-Stolzer

    Can you tell me if my item is on back order and, if it is, is there any estimate at all of when you might have it to ship?
    Order number SY500263

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