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6 Hacks to Remove Scratches from Your Glasses


Cleaning your eyeglasses

Did you know that you can erase scratches from your glasses without going to the specialist?  Here are six tips to remove ugly scratches and revive your glasses to their former glory.

  1. Brass Polish

Using brass polish can bring life back to your glasses. It is especially effective for mending deep scratches embedded on your glasses. What’s more, this polish can also remove dirt, which can cause endless headaches and eye strains if left unattended. However, when using brass polish, check whether it has acetone before using it. Acetone can damage the frames and destroy the lenses.

  1. Kitchen Vinegar

This is another remedy you can use to remove scratches from your glasses successfully. Just apply the vinegar-water solution on the scratches, rub gently, rinse with cold water, and you’re good to go.

  1. 3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste can also help alleviate scratches from glasses. It contains elements that smoothen the marks and scratches, minimizing their visibility. For better results, use non-abrasive, non-whitening, or non-gel toothpaste.

Procedure: Apply a small amount to the scratches, rub them gently in circular motions with a cotton ball, and rinse them in clean cold water.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda can do wonders on your glasses as well. Firstly, clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth. Next, make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Then put this paste on the dented areas and rub it gently using a soft cotton ball. Remember to keep your rubbing motion circular while at it. Do this for 10-20 seconds and rinse in cold water.

Are scratches still visible after wiping off the water with a soft cloth? Repeat the process, and they will eventually go away.

  1. Liquid Dishwashing Soap

This is another inexpensive method to remove scratches from your glasses. First, pour two drops of the liquid dishwashing soap on the scratched glasses and rub gently in circular motions. Now, rinse the glasses in lukewarm water. However, you should refrain from pat drying the glasses with a dry cloth. Instead, give the excess water time to slide off and then use a soft cloth to wipe them dry. Repeat the process, and you’ll notice the scratches will start to disappear. 

  1. Baby Wash Solutions

Baby wash solutions also rank among the best products you can use to revive your scratchy glasses. Just apply a thick paste of baby wash solution on the scratches. Next, rub and rinse in lukewarm water, and you will be happy to see the scratches fade away.

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  • Alicia Hursley

    The toothpaste worked perfectly for me! I tried my best to paint my cabinets on my own this last month and all I was left with were messy cabinets and a pair of scratched-up eyeglasses. I’m calling in a cabinet painting service to fix my painting mistakes, and I’m really glad I found your blog to figure out how to fix my lenses haha Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Dandy Odiete

    Does teen sperm work?

  • Dandy Odiete

    Can you recommend a particular toothpaste one can use please

  • Samuel

    Are the cleaning agents mentioned corrosive to the antiglare in prescription glasses?

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