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How Often Should You Change Your Eye Glass Prescriptions?


How Often Should You Change Your Eye Glass Prescriptions?How Often Should You Change Your Eye Glass Prescriptions?

When was the last time you changed your eyeglass prescription? It’s easy to push an eyeglass prescription to the back of your mind until a nagging eye problem arises. Here are signs you need to change your eyeglass prescription to avoid adverse eye complications.

  1. Headaches

Frequent headaches are a common sign of eye strain. While you may take painkillers, they will only offer a short-lived solution. Your best bet would be to schedule an appointment with your optician and have your eyeglass prescription updated.

  1. Double Vision

Double vision is one of the earliest signs of eye problems. It could also indicate you have a problem with your eye muscles. One of the common causes of these problems is using an outdated prescription. In which case, a prescription update can set you straight.

  1. Blurry Vision

Have you recently been experiencing blurry vision, or do colors appear faded? Then there could be something wrong with your prescription. Therefore, save yourself the strain and throbbing headaches that may follow by getting a prescription update.

  1. Squinting

Squinting is a tell-tale sign that your prescription glasses are not working properly. Unfortunately, you may not realize you have been squinting until you start experiencing agonizing headaches. Therefore, update your prescription regularly to avoid more adverse effects.

  1. Eye Fatigue

When you spend hours glued to a computer screen, you’ll likely experience eye fatigue. As a result, your eyes will work abnormally harder to see. However, if the problem won’t go away even after taking a break, then you might want to schedule a prescription update.

  1. Glasses That Are Hard to Clean

New prescription glasses often come with an extra coating that offers protection against scratches and ultraviolet rays. However, the coating may wear off with time, leaving marks and films that may make your glass hard to clean. Therefore, if you’re having trouble cleaning your eyeglasses, they could be old and unfit for your eyes.

How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?

If you wear glasses, your prescription needs can change drastically over a short period. Therefore, you need to have an extensive eye exam at least once per year. Your optometrist will examine changes in your vision and recommend the necessary prescription changes to meet your new vision needs.

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait for one year to have your eyes examined. Any time you experience discomfort in your eyes, be sure to schedule an eye check-up right away.

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