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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Case


How to Choose the Right Eyeglass CaseHow to Choose the Right Eyeglass Case

No matter how good your eyeglasses are, they won't serve you for long without proper maintenance.

One of the rudimentary things you should do to ensure your eyeglasses stay in tip-top shape is to invest in an eyeglass case. An eyeglass case will help preserve your glasses' quality and protect them from all kinds of unpredictable mishaps when you're not wearing them. But given that there are thousands of eyeglass cases available in the market, how do you know what case to buy? Here are the factors you should consider.

  1. The Type of Eyeglass Case Material

Eyeglass cases may look similar, but they're usually made using different types of materials. There are three main types of eyeglass case materials:

  1. a) Hard Eyeglass Cases

As the name suggests, these cases are made using light, firm, and hard materials. Some of the most common materials used to make hard-eyeglass cases include metal, gold, silver, aluminum, plastic, and wood. 

These cases are built to provide the highest level of protection possible. They also have unmatched impact toughness, which prevents them from breaking even when dropped or sat on.

  1. b) Semi-hard Eyeglass Case

These are convenient, easy-to-use eyeglass cases that closely resemble hard cases. Semi-hard eyeglass cases are made from light and flexible exterior materials and have a firm interior to protect your glasses. Most have a zip opening or a front-close flap design that allows them to safely secure your eyeglasses when in coats, purses, or on the go.

  1. c) Soft Eyeglass Case

Soft eyeglass cases are ultra-light, space-saving cases usually made from elastic microfiber material. Aside from protecting lenses from getting scratched, their microfiber material can be used to remove smudges off your lenses. In addition, these cases are a great choice for reading and driving glasses because they're light and easy to carry around.

  1. Case Size

Size is another important factor you should consider when choosing an eyeglass case. Make sure you choose the right size.

If the case you buy is too big, your eyeglasses will move a lot, bump into the case during transport, and get damaged. On the other hand, if the case is too small, your glasses' frames may bend or break due to continuous pressure.

  1. Cushioning

Go for padded eyeglass cases—they'll protect your glasses from scratches. Where possible, choose glass cases with foam end pads and fabric linings. They provide extra protection to glass frames.

  1. Quality and Personal Taste

Regardless of the eyeglass case you choose, make sure it's made of high-quality materials and guarantees the best value for money. Also, make sure you choose a case that matches your taste and lifestyle.

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