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How to Clean Eyeglasses: Please Stop Using Your Shirt Tail!


How to Clean Eyeglasses: Please Stop Using Your Shirt Tail!How to Clean Eyeglasses: Please Stop Using Your Shirt Tail!

There are a lot of theories out there regarding the right way to clean eyeglasses. Some people swear you should only use a microfiber cleaning cloth. Others believe it's best to use a paper towel. So what gives?

First, Shirts Are a No-No!

We can't emphasize this enough; stop using your shirt to clean smudges, dirt, and dust off your eyeglasses. While quick and convenient, it's one of the fastest ways to send your eyeglasses to the cemetery of eyewear prematurely. Shirts make micro-abrasions that will leave unsightly marks and scratches on your lens. The micro-abrasions will also strip the lens coating, leaving your lenses more vulnerable to smudges.

What about cotton shirts? Just because cotton shirts feel soft to touch doesn't mean they're safe. Avoid them too. Also, break the habit of using paper towels, tissues, or any paper-based wipes. Saliva is also a no-no.

Use the following methods instead:

Your Everyday Dish Soap

Yes, you read that right; dish or hand soap can help keep your eyeglass frame and lenses squeaky clean.  Here's how: 

Start washing your hands thoroughly and dry them with a soft towel. Next, thoroughly rinse your glasses with lukewarm water to rinse off any dirt and dust. Next, apply a drop or two of plain dish soap to the frame and lenses and gently rub them between your fingertips. Finish up by drying them with a soft, clean, and lint-free microfiber cloth.

Caution: Whatever you do, avoid using soaps that contain corrosive and toxic ingredients. They will damage your lenses.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber is probably our favorite eyeglass cleaning method because it's highly effective, and you can easily bring it with you when out and about.

Microfiber doesn't make micro-abrasions, so you don't have to worry about scratches and marks. Microfiber also has degreasing capabilities which enable it to remove unwanted oils and grease without spreading them around. In addition, most microfiber cloths are lint-free — meaning they won't leave any fluff or lint on your eyeglasses.

Cleaning Spray

Cleaning sprays are also an excellent choice for cleaning your eyeglass frame and lenses. The sprays have a special formula that cleans eyeglasses without damaging the lenses or lens coating.

Generally, there are two types of sprays: those that have alcohol and those that don't. There are also cleaning sprays that contain active enzymes that clean the eyeglasses. Which option should you go for? All these options work well, so the choice you'll make will depend on your preference.

Use these great cleaning techniques, and we guarantee you'll always have scratch-free and super clean eyeglasses.

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