How To Determine Your Face Shape (And Why It Matters When You Buy Glasses)


How To Determine Your Face Shape (And Why It Matters When You Buy Glasses)How To Determine Your Face Shape (And Why It Matters When You Buy Glasses)

If you’ve ever been to an eye doctor and tried on a bunch of different types of glasses, you may have wondered why some looked great on you – and some looked strange, odd, or downright bad.

Well, a lot of this has to do with your face shape! Everyone has a different face shape, and this can influence how you look in certain types of glasses.

Want to learn more? In this blog from Designer Optics, we’ll explore the most common face shapes, as well as some tips on the types of glasses you should be looking for based on your face shape. Let’s get started.

Glasses For Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shapes are very versatile and common. This means you have a relatively rounded jaw and forehead, but your face is a bit longer and not quite round.

With an oval face shape, you should look for oversized frames with bold shapes and unique colors and textures, like the Dior DRSostellaireo1.

Glasses For Square Face Shapes

People with square face shapes tend to have broad, wide foreheads and jaws, and prominent cheekbones, too.

If you have a square face, it’s usually best to choose a pair of wide, round or oval glasses with thinner frames, such as the Gucci GG0337O. This helps keep your features balanced.

Glasses For For Heart Face Shapes

If you’ve got a heart face shape, this means you have a broad forehead, but your chin and jaw are more narrow.

Wide frames with thick plastic, such as the Ray Ban 5228, are good for people with heart face shapes. They help balance out their features and improve their overall appearance.

Glasses For Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond face shapes are sort of the opposite of square face shapes. In this face shape, you have a narrow jaw and forehead, but your cheekbones are very broad and prominent.

Similarly to square face shapes, it’s best to choose rounded, wide glasses to help soften the sharp angles of your face and balance out your features. Take a look at the Burberry 2255Q Eyeglasses.

Glasses For Round Face Shapes

People with rounded face shapes have wide foreheads and chins with round, prominent cheeks.

To sharpen your features, square frames are a great choice. We recommend shorter, more rectangular frames with bold, angular lines. The bottom of the frames should rest just above your cheekbones. Take a look at the Armani Exchange 3007 Eyeglasses for inspiration.

Glasses For Triangle Face Shapes

In a triangle face shape, your jaw is wider than your forehead, and you have a square or flat chin.

Browline sunglasses are excellent for people with triangle face shapes. They’re wide, and the detailed upper portion helps counterbalance your wide jaw and narrow forehead. Interested in browlines? You can’t do better than the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

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