How To Wear Cat-Eye Glasses For Stylish, Retro Look


Interested in buying a pair of cat-eye glasses from Designer Optics? We have a wide variety of cat-eye glasses and sunglasses, so your options are limitless, and you’re sure to find a few frames that strike your fancy!

Learn more about these glasses below, see a few of our favorite products, and get some tips and advice about how to wear your new glasses with confidence.

What Are Cat-Eye Glasses?

Cat-eye glasses were first worn during the 1940s, so they’re definitely a throwback frame that’s better suited for a retro look. They are almost always worn by women, though some types of cat-eye-inspired glasses are available for men.

 A few great examples of modern cat-eye glasses from Designer Optics include: 

Typically, cat-eye glasses have bold styling on the top and lighter details on the bottom of the lens, with the upper corners of the frame sweeping upward for a tapered look, making them similar to “browline glasses” like the well-known Ray-Ban Clubmaster. They’re also usually wider on the top than the bottom, and may include unique styling and details on the upper corners, as well.

Our Tips For Styling Your New Cat-Eye Glasses

If you’re going to take the plunge and purchase a set of cat-eye glasses from Designer Optics, you may be wondering how to make them look their best.

  • Choose the right frame shape – If you have a more round face, we recommend that you choose cat-eye glasses with bold, angular lines. This helps sharpen your facial features and your jawline.

    In contrast, if you have prominent features or an angular face shape, look for cat-eye glasses that are more round, with soft lines and large “wings” in the corners. This will help enhance the shape of your face
  • Match their style with the rest of your outfit – Cat-eye glasses are definitely a bit “retro,” and look their best with more formal outfits inspired by the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Try wearing them with vintage dresses, blouses, and skirts for a more cohesive look.

  • Wear bold makeup alongside your glasses – Cat-eye glasses are bold, and when they were in their heyday in the mid-20th century, women tended to wear bold red lipstick and heavy eye makeup to make them look even more unique and bold – so consider switching up your makeup routine along with your new glasses!

  • Be confident about your new look – Cat-eye glasses are just begging to be noticed, so wear them with confidence! Embrace the vintage appeal andunique style of your new glasses, and how they make you look.


Shop Our Wide Selection Of Cat-Eye Glasses And Find A Pair That’s Right For You! 

At Designer Optics, we have thousands of pairs of eyeglasses that will suit just about anyone – so if you’re interested in cat-eye glasses or any of the other styles we have to offer, shop our selection of eyeglasses online now. You’re sure to find what you need to switch up your look and feel confident about your appearance!


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