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How To Wear Wire Frame Glasses for a Chic Look


How To Wear Wire Frame Glasses For A Chic Look

 Wireframes are becoming a hot new trend with many celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid spotted wearing their pair out and about. They offer a simple design leveraging slim metallic wires to create the frames and can be used to both recreate classic looks and modern aesthetics.

 If you’re interested in getting your own pair of wireframe glasses, here are a few different ideas on how to wear them to create a chic look.

  1. Think Oversized

 A slightly oversized pair of wireframe glasses can be the perfect facial accessory to draw attention to your features. Because of the thin frames, going oversized just a bit won’t give off a caricature effect.

 The best part is you can find this style of frames in a lot of different designs, from aviator to rounded, or even cat-eye. All perfect to create a chic look!

   2. Accentuate Your Features

 Because the glasses can draw attention to your face, you can use this time to accentuate your features. The frames work best with natural-looking make-up that simply highlights your features and makes them pop, creating an effortlessly chic look together.

  3. Pull the Hair Back

 Ponytails or buns work really well with the frames. The glasses will help frame the face quite nicely, so the hair can be slightly pulled back to draw more attention to your facial features. It can also create a stunning yet laid-back look idea for social gatherings where you still want to draw some of the attention.

   4. Think Effortless and Minimalist

 The wireframe glasses are an ideal accessory whenever you want to create a simple look that still catches people’s attention. You can pair them with monochromatic outfits and natural fabrics to convey a more down-to-earth and minimalist vibe. Since all the attention is on your facial features, you can also get away with skipping other jewelry and accessories.

    5.  Old Meets New

 Since wireframes can embody the styles of different eras while still conveying something modern about them, they present the perfect opportunity to experiment with vintage and modern in the same look. This is the ideal choice for anyone who likes to take more risks with their style and truly think outside the box.

    6.  Forget about Fancy

 The effortless appeal of wireframes means you should probably want to skip them when going to formal events and need to wear something fancier. These designs are really suitable for something more casual and chic.

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