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Never Lose Your Glasses Again With These Simple Tips


It's a fact of life -- people lose things. And, for many of us, our glasses are one of the items we're most likely to lose. In fact, Americans lose over 1.6 billion pairs of sunglasses every year! That's a lot of glasses!

 If you're one of those people who has trouble keeping track of your glasses, don't worry! We have tips for you that will help keep them in your possession where they belong -- on your face!

 Tip #1: Keep Them On Your Face

 This one is pretty simple; we're often guilty of taking our glasses off and setting them down somewhere without thinking about it. And then, before we know it, they're gone. Solution: Make a habit of keeping your glasses on your face.

 Tip #2: Get a Glasses Case

 Not only will a case help keep your glasses from getting scratched up, but it'll also make them a lot harder to lose.

 Tip #3 Get a Glasses Strap

 This one is pretty simple - if you're worried about losing your glasses, just attach a strap to them and wear them around your neck! That way, even if you do happen to drop them, they'll be right there around your neck, and you won't have to go scrambling around on the floor trying to find them.

 Tip #4: Keep Them In Your Purse Or Backpack

 If you don't have a case, the next best thing is to keep them in a purse or backpack. That way, they'll always be with you, even when you're not wearing them. Your purse or backpack is your personal space, and there's a good chance no one will bother taking anything out of it (unless they know you well enough to have access).

 Tip #5: Stick a label On them or Your Glass Case

 This is an excellent tip for people who tend to misplace things - put a label on your glasses or case that says something in the lines of "If found, please return to [your name and contact info]." It's a small thing, but it might just save you from having to buy another pair the next time you lose them!

 Tip #6: Keep Them in a Visible Place

 This one is especially important if you tend to leave things lying around on the floor. See, if your glasses are always in the same spot, then it'll be much easier for you to find them when you need them.

 Tip #7: Invest in Well-fitting Glasses

 If you have a pair of glasses that fit well, then you're less likely to lose them. Poorly-fitting glasses tend to slip off our heads or fall down our noses more easily, which increases the chances of us losing them.

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