The Best Sunglasses For Driving – Our Picks And Recommendations


Lots of people wear sunglasses to drive, since they can help with road glare and reflections, particularly early in the morning during their commute, or in winter weather when the sun is low and ice and snow are reflecting a lot of light.

Wondering what type of sunglasses you should get from Designer Optics? Let’s look at a few key features the best sunglasses for driving have in common, and give you some recommendations on our top picks.

What To Look For In Driving Sunglasses

When it comes to choosing a pair of driving sunglasses, there are three things you should prioritize, if possible:

  • Gray or brown lens color – A neutral gray or brown lens is the best choice for driving. Brightly colored pinks, blues, and other such colors should be avoided, as they can make it harder to see road signs, traffic lights, and other road elements.
  • Slim and comfortable frame – This is especially important on long road trips, when you may be wearing your sunglasses for hours at a time. Avoid oversized frames, and choose slim, comfortable, and lightweight sunglasses.
  • Polarized lenses – Polarized lenses are very effective at filtering out road glare and help you see more clearly in all sunny conditions, making them ideal for driving when high visibility is key.

Our Top Driving Sunglasses – See What’s Right For You

Ready to see a few of our picks for the best driving sunglasses? Let’s get into it! 

  • Gucci Urban GG0010S Sunglasses – These sunglasses work for both men and women, and have a durable acetate frame with a rubber temple to keep them comfortable on your face. They’re available in a wide variety of lens colors, with polarized lenses available.
  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016M Sunglasses – This particular model is designed for men, but we also offer Clubmasters for women. This classic silhouette is loved by millions of Ray-Ban enthusiasts, and a number of different lens options including polarized lenses are available, making them a great choice for driving sunglasses.
  • Michael Kors Hvar 5007 Sunglasses – Made for women, these classic aviators are built from lightweight materials, have lots of lens color options including gray, brown, green, and polarized lenses, and are slim enough to fit into your pocket or purse when you’re done driving.
  • Persol Folding 0714 Sunglasses – Suitable for men and women alike, these acetate sunglasses are durable, feature a unique aviator-like rounded teardrop silhouette, and fold at 3 points for easy storage. They’re available with green polarized lenses for superior visibility when driving.

Shop Online And Browse Thousands of Products At Designer Optics  

Want to browse more options for driving sunglasses? At Designer Optics, we have thousands of high-quality products from name-brand manufacturers like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Prada, and so much more! Shop our full collection now – you’re sure to find a set of sunglasses that will make you look great and keep you safe on the road while you drive.

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