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Time To Change Your Eyeglasses? Here’s What to Do with Your Old Pair


Getting a new pair of glasses can be exciting. But before you do, have you stopped to think about what will happen with the old pair?

 Throwing them away in the garbage is the best way to make sure these old glasses end up in a landfill for decades to come, which is not the best solution. Here are x other things you can do with old glasses that are much more responsible and environmentally friendly!

  1. Change the Lenses and Not the Frames

 If you only need new lenses and are happy with your current frames, then you can simply opt to change the glass and keep your current style. It’s a much more cost-effective way to upgrade your eyewear and can save you a lot of time when looking for new models.

  2. Donate Them to a Recycling Program

 If your heart is set on getting new glasses, there are a lot of programs specifically designed to recycle glasses. This way, you have an eco-friendly way to dispose of your old pair without affecting the environment at all. This option is especially great if your old glasses are broken and cannot be repaired or worn again.

  3. Give Them to Someone Else

 If your glasses are still wearable or can be easily repaired, you can give them to someone else by either selling them online or even donating them to a local charity. Even if the lenses can’t be reused, as long as the frames are in good condition the other person can easily save a few hundred dollars in the process.

  4. Save Them for Special Occasions

 You don’t have to throw away your old glasses. If you want to preserve the lifespan of your new pair, you can keep the old one and continue to wear them during activities where there might be a risk of damage.

 For instance, if you like reading in bed and commonly fall asleep with your glasses on, use the old pair for the activity to prevent damage for the new ones.

  5. Repurpose Them Yourself

 If you have a knack for the arts, you can repurpose your old frames and use them in a new DIY project. You can Google ideas or search for them on Pinterest and find a lot of inspiration to get creative and give your old glasses an entirely new life while making your home prettier!

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