Tips For Caring For Your Prescription Sunglasses At The Beach


Tips For Caring For Your Prescription Sunglasses At The BeachTips For Caring For Your Prescription Sunglasses At The Beach

If you’ve recently invested in a set of prescription sunglasses from Designer Optics, congratulations! Prescription sunglasses help protect your eyes in the bright sun, and are often more convenient than wearing contact lenses.

But prescription sunglasses are more expensive than non-prescription sunglasses, and you need to protect your investment by cleaning and maintaining them properly, especially after you go to the beach. Read on, and learn how to clean your glasses properly after a beach day!

  1. Rinse Them Whenever You Get Out Of The Water

First, if you wear your sunglasses into the pool, ocean, or even freshwater bodies of water like lakes or rivers, rinse them off whenever you get back out of the water.

This removes chemicals from pool water, salt from the sea, and freshwater contaminants, and helps protect and preserve your sunglasses.

  1. Dry Them Off ASAP After They Get Wet

Similarly, you should make sure you dry your sunglasses off immediately once you rinse them. This helps prevent water spots. Not only that, but prolonged exposure to water can cause the stems, hinges, and hardware to corrode and eventually break. Dry your shades off as soon as you can.

  1. Rinse Your Sunglasses After Exposure To Sand

Once you head in from the beach, rinse off your shades to remove sand before wiping them down with a microfiber cloth.

If you try to wipe off your sunglasses without removing the sand first, you may scratch the lenses. Sand can contain very hard minerals like quartz, which can scratch either the lens itself, or the anti-reflective coatings and other coatings on the surface of the lens. Either way, that’s bad news.

  1. Degrease Your Sunglasses With Dish Soap

Sunscreen is important for protecting yourself from cancer-causing UV rays and avoiding a sunburn, but it can also cause nasty buildup on your sunglasses, especially if you’ve been wearing them a lot during your beach vacation.

This buildup is quite stubborn, since it consists of oily sunscreen and your body’s natural oils. But dish soap is a great degreaser. Apply a little bit of dish soap to your sunglasses after rinsing them, then rub it in gently. Then, rinse away the lather and dry your sunglasses off with a microfiber cloth.

  1. Keep The Case Close-At-Hand To Protect Your Glasses

When you take your sunglasses off to swim, to nap, or for anything else, you shouldn’t just toss them on your beach blanket. They could become scratched, or someone could step on them and break them.

Instead, put your sunglasses in a soft, anti-scratch carrying case, and stick the case somewhere that’s out of the sun, like in a bag or under an umbrella. This will protect your sunglasses from damage and warping.

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