Where Should Glasses Sit On Your Nose? (You're Doing It Wrong)


Where Should Glasses Sit On Your Nose?Where Should Glasses Sit On Your Nose? (You're Doing It Wrong)

Every glasses wearer looks forward to wearing a new pair of glasses —but nothing can ruin it than discovering your glasses are not comfortable. There are many reasons why glasses can be uncomfortable, but maybe you aren't wearing them the right way.

So, how should you wear your glasses?

The answer is simple: make sure your glasses sit properly on your nose. But where exactly? Before we answer this question, here are some definitions to help you follow along:

  • Bridge: This is the part of the frame that touches your nose when you put on your glasses. The bridge should sit securely on your nose's bridge without digging or sliding off.
  • Nose pads: These are support pieces found under the bridge. They provide a snug fit and keep the frame intact on your nose.
  • Temples: These are the stems of the glasses frames that run from the front of your eyewear through your temple to the back of your ears. Your temples should be horizontal and touch your head before hugging your ears for a comfortable fit.

The length of your temples determines how the eyewear will sit on your nose. If the temples are too short, your bridge will be pulled into your nose, causing marks or pain. And if they are too long, they will slide and distort your vision.

  • Frame Width: This is the inner distance from one hinge of your eyewear to the other. This distance determines whether your frame is too wide or too narrow for your face.

Fitting Glasses on Your Nose

Whether you have a high- or low-bridge, plump, or bony nose, the optimal pair of eyeglasses should rest securely and comfortably on the top part of your nose. But not too high that they're higher than your eyebrows. Also, there should never be any space between your nose and the pads. A small open area between the bridge and your nose is okay.

The nose pads should also be unnoticeable when you wear your glasses. If they are too visible, they may be too wide. You can adjust them by carefully pushing them closer. The nose pads also shouldn't leave marks or dig into your nose. If they do, try to pull them with your fingers. If the frame doesn't have adjustable nose pads, try to adjust or tighten the temples.

"My Glasses Are Still Digging Into My Nose"

If your glasses are still leaving marks and digging into your nose or face even after adjustments, this could mean the glasses are too small or too bulky for you. You may need to invest in another pair of glasses that feels more comfortable and has a more suitable bridge and frame that ensures your eyewear fits securely without causing any marks.

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