Dana Buchman

Dana Buchman – a brand for those women who want to take charge!


Looking for the type of eyewear that inspires? Dana Buchman acknowledges the presence of women in society and aims to outfit women with bad-ass frames that are professional, fashionable, and functional. Designer Dana Buchman has been creating clothes for two decades, which are worn by politicians, businesswomen, celebrities and philanthropists, and now, thanks to her new eyewear collection, real women can complete their outfit with a pair of glasses that radiates what they stand for. Whether mothering children, running a business, or taking charge in the political arena, Dana Buchman eyeglasses will provide the real women with a look that inspires confidence and strength. The frames carry progressive styles, friendly shapes, and sometimes, certain tasteful jewelry elements, conceived in a vibrant color palette and textures to speak out your personal style. Frame designs are modern, fashionable, and appeal to the working woman of today.

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