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The feel-good eyewear you’ve been looking for!

We love Genesis. Do you? Genesis eyewear is all about comfort– in every nuance of the word. Whether it’s style, fit or affordability, Genesis eyeglasses will keep you comfortable. Every frame exudes an understated elegance and quality that let you stay focused on what matters. Functional and aesthetic, Genesis eyeglasses are on-trend, up-to-date, with modern twists, available in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. Whichever frame you pick up, you’ll find it to have a simplistic design language, with clean lines and a classic look that fit both formal and casual outlooks. The quality and superior craftsmanship are also reflected throughout the collection, with every frame sturdy and able to withstand prolonged use. If you like to decorate your face with frames that do not go overboard while still maintaining a clean, modern look, Genesis eyewear eyeglasses collection is just for you.

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