Gloria Vanderbilt

Established in 1976 by Gloria Vanderbilt, it was initially a Jeanswear brand launched by a woman, for women. It was originally recognized for its signature swan logo and is still considered a leading denim brand in North America. Today, Gloria Vanderbilt makes more than just fabric – in fact, eyewear is among their recent ventures, and unsurprisingly they’re doing a stellar job here as well. Gloria Vanderbilt eyewear is created with today’s woman in mind. It’s set out to prove that amazing design and top-tier quality does not have to be expensive. The eyewear collection offers a variety of delicately crafted metal frames, with top-grade UV protective lenses, fashioned in both professional and casual prints. They make for great day-to-day wear so you can look put-together and on top of your looks game every single day. Versatile, trendy and timeless, each style carries a stroke of the designer’s ingenious inspiration and creativity!

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