Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn is a stunning new collection of eyewear for women, named in honor of Jenny Lynn McGee, one of the co-founders of the McGee Group. She developed the color palettes and intricate designs of the company’s initial offerings of eyeglasses and sunglasses before passing away after a heroic battle with cancer in 2018.

Jenny Lynn eyewear collection features elegant embellishments and vibrant colors, marked with a touch of sophistication. The lady herself was the perfect embodiment of grace and elegance, both inside and out, and that’s why this collection is fashioned in a way that accents skin tones and complements the personal style of each woman. The frames are mature–targeted toward women ages 55 and over–with sophisticated shapes, and embellished details for a modern, stylish look. Browsing through, you’ll find the right frame that suits your complexion, personality, and fashion taste, thanks to the wide array of sizes ranging from 48-57.

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