Jimmy Crystal New York

Founded in 1991, Jimmy Crystal has been bringing quality pieces of eyewear to dazzle the fashion industry. Based out of New York City, the brand has over 30 years of experience in designing, handcrafting, and manufacturing an entire line of beautiful pieces that are uniquely adorned with precious crystals. Tasteful and sophisticated, the Jimmy Crystal brand brings a wide range of dazzling accessories that include watches, jewelry, crystal-studded handbags, home decor, and most importantly, eyewear.


Our collection of Jimmy Crystal New York eyewear includes some of the biggest hits and bestselling pieces across their boutiques in the USA, Italy, and Dubai. The signature aesthetics feature dramatic accents on the frame and distinctly embellished crystal patterns that can be instantly recognized as Jimmy Crystal.


With our curated collection of eyewear, we bring you everything from prescription eyewear frames to modern styles with a crystal-studded update. Elegant and bold, each pair of eyeglasses brings out the spark in its wearer.

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