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 Are you the outdoorsy type? Moncler is the best choice for you. Moncler was founded in 1952 by Rene Ramillon and Andre Vincent. The duo merged technological advancements with their mountaineering expertise to produce jackets and expedition gear for men and women looking to go the extra mile. The same determination and values can be witnessed in the Moncler eyewear collection. When it comes to design, Moncler fuses Italian craftsmanship with decades of experience to bring fresh, never-before-seen, timeless designs you’ll never stop admiring. Whether it’s opticals or sunglasses, each pair is marked by distinctive design details such as rounded or rubber tips for extra grip and comfort. Each frame is a result of years of dedication, research and hard work. Choose your favorite design and you’ll be astonished by its top-notch quality and how light it feels.


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