Polo Prep

Polo Prep eyeglasses collection caters to kids!

 Inspired by the Polo Ralph Lauren aesthetic, the Polo Prep eyewear collection successfully captures the same energy, ingenuity, and timeless sensibility in its glasses lineup for kids. This premium-grade collection contains myriads of emblematic shapes with fresh colors and statement-making styles that will look awesome on your kid’s face. All eyeglasses and sunglasses come with impact-resistant lens technology and a blue light filter to block harmful radiations coming off digital screens. With a huge collection of frames, you’ll find everything from sleek to thick-framed, round to oval designs, in bold colors and styles, so your kid can express their individuality in the way they like. Polo Prep puts special emphasis on the build quality of their frames to ensure they can withstand drops and falls as they’ll be used by kids. We have eyeglasses and sunglasses for kids of ages 5 to 15. 

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