Prada Sunglasses: Shaping Timeless Elegance

Since 1893, Prada has been at the forefront of fashion as one of its flagship fashion houses renowned for cutting edge designs, superior quality products, and luxurious eyewear collections. Nowadays their eyewear collection remains one of the industry's cornerstones due to modern yet sleek looks made with top materials like acetate, metal and carbon fiber; making this icon notable among both celebrities and fashion insiders who appreciate Prada's attention to detail and lavish image; one popular example being sunglasses designed by them.

Prada Eyewear History

Since 2000, Prada has established themselves as industry leaders when it comes to eyewear products and accessories. From sports sunglasses to modern sleek designs made of materials like acetate, metal and carbon fiber - their shades boast stylish yet practical designs.

Iconic Triangle of Luxury

One of the Prada hallmarks is their triangular logo, found prominently across many frames and accessories. This element adds elegance and sophistication that has come to be associated with luxury brands. Prada offers an assortment of colors, shapes and styles spanning classic aviators and rectangular frames through more modern geometric forms like hexagons or squares - which all play into its luxury image.

Maximum UV Protection and Comfort

Prada sunglasses are widely recognized for their superior lenses. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this iconic brand creates lenses with maximum UV protection while remaining light and comfortable to wear. Their lens selection includes options such as polarized or photochromic options - the former reduce glare while improving visibility outdoors; photochromic lenses darken in sunlight but remain light indoors to create seamless transition between different lighting conditions.

A Celeb-Approved Essential 

Over time, Prada glasses have become an indispensable fashion must for many A-List celebrities both on and off of red-carpet events. Thanks to luxurious aesthetics and attention to detail, A-Listers consider Prada sunglasses an important part of their ensembles.

Celebrities in the Spotlight

Rihanna is perhaps best-known for sporting Prada sunglasses; often seen wearing its hexagonal style frames to add some flair and shine to her street style looks. Other well-known figures who have donned these spectacles are Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett Michael B Jordan Jennifer Aniston Margot Robbie Ryan Gosling among many more.

 Celebrities have often been seen sporting Prada sunnies during special events and occasions, from New York City walks around with hexagonal sunglasses worn by Rihanna; Emma Stone sporting Prada oversized shades while strolling Los Angeles streets; Bradley Cooper donning classic aviator lenses at various functions he attended; Cate Blanchett donned their shades during filming of Carol; Michael B Jordan donned them during "Creed II; Jennifer Aniston has worn Prada multiple times; Margot Robbie donned them during "Birds of Prey", while Ryan Gosling donned them during 2011's "Drive".

Prada Glasses Collaborations

Prada has long been recognized for collaborating with other brands and designers on eyewear collections; Luxottica was chosen this year to launch their Prada Linea Rossa range - one such collaboration worth keeping an eye out for in 2019.

 This collection boasts sporty designs with cutting-edge materials such as rubber, nylon and metal - inspired by racing - while offering frames in various shapes and styles such as classic aviators and bold oversized ones.

 Prada has also collaborated with other brands to produce limited edition eyewear collections. For instance, in 2014 they joined forces with fashion photographer Steven Meisel to design an eyewear line inspired by 1950s styles like cat-eye frames adorned with polka dots or floral patterns as well as more conventional eyeglass styles like round lenses reminiscent of that era.

Prada's Eco-Chic Vision

In recent years, Prada has taken steps towards becoming more eco-friendly; including with their eyeglass and sunglasses collection. Most recently in 2019, they made headlines when they announced they would no longer use virgin nylon in products by 2021, opting instead to switch exclusively to recycled nylon as an essential step towards mitigating environmental impact. Nylon frames often made out of this substance can have serious environmental ramifications; thus Prada's move was a significant step.

Prada recently introduced a collection of sunglasses comprised of only eco-friendly materials. Prada Re-Nylon features frames crafted with eco-friendly nylon yarn from recycled plastic waste; while lenses contain bio-based compounds. This effort demonstrates their ongoing dedication to sustainability and carbon reduction.

Luxury Meets Contemporary Design

Prada has long been considered an icon, known for their contemporary designs and use of top-grade materials. Their iconic sun wear has earned the love of Hollywood celebrities as well as fashion elite alike for its luxurious aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. Offering everything from classic aviators to geometric frames - Prada offers something suitable for everyone to add an air of luxury into their wardrobes. Catering to all, Prada sunglasses for women and men are designed to grab the spotlight.

Crafting the Magic

Prada has long been considered an icon in fashion. Their sophisticated designs, high-grade materials, and meticulous attention to detail have long made the label an icon within fashion circles. As part of their commitment to excellence, they continue to expand and innovate their collection while remaining faithful to timeless classic styles which remain iconic over time.

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