Seraphin Collection by Ogi Eyewear is an elite line that zhooshes up classic eyewear by injecting a sharp modernistic edge.

Described in two words: Neoclassic Luxury. Seraphin eyeglasses interpret the timeless shapes of vintage styles into modern, contemporary designs. Each frame style is a reminiscent of a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era, but whipped up through the placement of acute details, rich colors and durable materials. Seraphin eyewear collection is a part of Ogi Eyewear that started off in 1997 as a small company and gradually grew up to be a household name. In just 25 years, they have accomplished what many couldn’t in fifty years, thanks to their time-honored style, innovation, originality, and authenticity of design. Fashionistas around the world like to call Seraphin the romantic hero of neoclassic luxury. The Seraphin collection not only brings life back to eyewear styles of the past, but rather gives them a modern makeover, so they’re in sync with the time we’re living in.

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