Skaga – a Swedish brand with sophistication at the heart of it.

 The brand originated from Småland in 1948, and is best known for its high quality and timeless designs. It is a Swedish traditional, authentic and genuine brand that brings you eyeglasses in a great balance of function and design, so you’re not just wearing a statement piece but one that feels comfortable. Skaga is the only Swedish eyewear company to have received the Royal Warrant Holder title, and it is no surprise considering the premium-grade eyewear they make. Each eyepiece feels unique to wear, radiating your identity and personality in just the way you want. Effortless, simple yet elegant designs with extra care given to the smallest details, this Scandinavian brand will let you showcase what defines you in the kind of aesthetic you choose. The epitome of craftsmanship and sleek silhouettes, check now!

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