Ready to wear a pair of glasses that’s modern, thinner and lighter?

The TLG Collection by L’Amy America literally stands for “Thin Light Glasses”. It’s a thinner and lighter frame lineup conceived through the use of innovative materials and modern technology. Constructed with 100% pure titanium, TLG eyewear frames are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and on top, 48% lighter than ordinary metal frames on the market. TLG eyeglasses have three unique concepts to offer up – wooden temples, zipper temples and integrated spring hinges. All of this goes into ensuring the wearer gets the best, hassle-free experience and all-day comfort. The springe hinge makes it easier to put the frames on and off without adding extra weight. Talking about being ‘feather-like’, this has been made possible due to the optimal combination of materials with technology, and while it’s really lightweight, the TLG frames are still very durable and offer years of service. Check OUT now!
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