Broken Glasses – Repair Solutions & Costs


Broken Glasses

Glasses are a necessity for people with vision problems. Buying a good pair of glasses isn’t cheap. If you don’t take proper care of them, they will break. This results in impaired vision and the inability to perform daily tasks.

But we have ways to fix your glasses right at home. Depending on how and where the glasses are damaged, repair ways are available to fix them. You can choose to take them to a professional. Or, you can fix them at home.

Here are a few methods with their repair costs:

Getting Glasses Repaired by a Professional

While fixing bent glasses can be done at home, there are benefits of taking them to a professional. These include:

  • Most professional eyewearoutlets make minor adjustments for free.
  • You will not further damage the glasses while trying to fix them.
  • If your frame is entirely broken, a professional will have the right skills and tools to repair them.

Metal frames are too delicate to repair yourself at home. You can damage them further while repairing them yourself. Plus, you may not even have the right welding equipment and expertise. So, taking them to a professional will ensure they get repaired properly.

Otherwise, your unprofessionalism can result in crooked glasses and impaired vision. In contrast, a plastic frame is easier to fix. The professional will just have to fuse a snapped plastic frame to repair them.

Many professional glasses repairers take $50 for a pair of broken glasses.

Repairing Plastic Glasses by Yourself at Home

Bent plastic frames only require heat for proper adjustment. Plastic glasses are more likely to break if you fix them at home. Again, professionals might repair minor adjustments for free. To make your plastic frames more pliable, hold them over hot steam.

Don’t try to put your frames on top of an open flame. This will totally damage the frames. After heating your frames, you can easily bend them. Don’t be too hard-handed while making these adjustments. Even if your plastic glasses break in half, you can use super glue to fix them.

However, make sure the super glue doesn’t touch your skin. Leave the glue to dry completely before you decide to wear them again. These methods to repair plastic glasses at home are cost-effective and require minimal tools.

Repairing Metal Glasses by Yourself at Home

Bent frames are the biggest problem for eyeglass wearers. However, you can repair them at home. With a soft, gentle touch, you can easily adjust your metal frames. You can break the glasses if your hand is too heavy while making adjustments.

For minor adjustments, all you need is a pair of soft-tipper pliers. These special pliers' ends are covered with plastic. So they will reduce the chances of damaging your glasses. To make adjustments, you must first determine the part of the frame that needs adjustment.

Place the glasses on a flat surface to determine which of the frame’s arms is raised. Take the pair of pliers and bend the one which looks raised. If required, you can even bend the frames inward to tighten the grip of the arms when placed on your head.

If you want to loosen the grip of the frame’s arms, bend them outward. However, if your glasses slip down your nose, you can adjust the nose pads inward to tighten them. Since metal frames are rigid, you can use a hairdryer to warm them.

You can even run the metal frame under warm water. But avoid holding the frames in front of a fire or open flame.

Repairing Scratched Lenses at Home by Yourself

Repairing scratched lenses at home is risky. You can increase the damage further. However, if you want to try fixing the scratched lenses by yourself, you can use products already in the house. But make sure the glasses aren't chipped or cracked.

You can use baking soda or toothpaste to remove scratches. First, clean your lenses with a lens cleaner liquid and clean microfiber cloth. After cleaning your glasses properly, they will be ready for scratch clearance.

Apply a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste to each lens. Rub the clean cloth gently in a circular motion for about thirty seconds. After that, rinse the lens and dry it with a microfiber cloth. If the scratches still appear, repeat the process.

You can even go for scratch-removing solutions for your glass lenses.


If your glasses are bent or broken, or the lenses have scratches, there are ways to fix them at home. However, some types of damage to glasses require professional care—for example, shattered lenses or broken frames.

Taking the glasses to an optician will be more costly than repairing them at home. However, when you take them to a professional, your glasses will be cared for with precision.

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