6 Reasons Why You Need More Than One Pair of Glasses?


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Being a glasses wearer, you will always need a backup pair. The reasons behind this are numerous. The most common ones include:

  • Your glasses can break.
  • You may lose them.
  • You may need an extra pair for reading or protection from blue light.

Here are a few reasons why you need more than a pair of glasses:

1. Protection from Blue Light

The 21st-century era is all about digital technology evolution. Whether you use the device for educational purposes or socializing, it’s not easy to look away from it, even for a few hours. Using smart devices exposes our eyes to blue light, resulting in strain and exhaustion.

Your existing glasses may help you read whatever is displayed on the screen. However, if the lenses don’t have a blue-light protective coating, your eyes may feel tired at the end of the day.

Blue light also affects the sleep cycle. So, consider getting a pair of glasses for your computer or other smart devices. This will relieve the digital strain and help better your sleep cycle.

2. Accidents May Occur

Accidents can happen. You might drop your glasses, scratch them, step on them, or they may bend or break. Instead of fretting over your misplaced, lost, or broken glasses, having an extra pair will prepare you for such situations.

Just imagine having your glasses bent and needing a spare pair to use. If you travel or spend time in front of digital devices, not having a spare pair of glasses can be a nuisance and a hindrance to work.

3. Protection Against UV Rays

UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun damage the eyes and the skin. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can burn the cornea and retina. This can result in macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, and even solar retinopathy in severe cases.

Solar retinopathy can cause vision impairment and loss, visual distortions, headaches, unable to distinguish between colors, and photophobia. Having prescription glasses with a suitable coating can help protect the eyes from UV rays.

For instance, the sun is setting while you are driving. Switching to prescription glasses will protect you from UV exposure and its consequences. Or, you can try photochromic lenses. These glasses are 3-in-1:

Photochromic lenses will be your all-in-one glasses.

4. To Make a Fashionable Statement

Eyeglass frames come in all colors and shapes. They enhance your look while enabling a clear vision. Your existing pair of glasses can be plain and simple. However, the extra glasses can help you stand out from the rest.

You can opt for browline glasses to have a hipster or elegant look. Or, you can go for the infamous cat-eye frames to look more sassy and feminine. The extra pair of glasses can help you achieve whatever look you are aiming for.

5. For Adventurous Times

A simple pair of prescription glasses won’t be enough if you have an active outdoor life. For example, your glasses must be durable if you like mountain climbing. If you take regular frames, they will break or scratch easily.

Going on a day out with your friends for fishing will require polarized sunglasses to help reduce and eliminate the glare from the water. Game glasses will be the best choice if you love playing video games.

Whatever your hobbies or preferences are, you will find glasses with coatings, lenses, and tints made explicitly for them.

6. For Reading

Your eyesight may not be working as clearly as it used to when you were young. With time, you will experience losing your near-focusing ability. Presbyopia (age-related farsightedness) can make it difficult for you to read.

You may not have required vision correction in your younger years - a simple pair of reading glasses may be enough to see clearly. However, consult your doctor if you wear contact lenses or glasses for nearsightedness and now have trouble reading up close.

You may require progressive lenses with a new prescription. Progressive lenses will help you see everything up close and far.


A regular pair of glasses may not be enough for you. Remember, accidents can happen, and your eyes may suffer because of these situations. Having an extra pair of glasses is what your vision needs.

Depending on your eyes and vision health, you may require photochromic lenses, prescription glasses, or blue light glasses. Consult your optician or eye doctor to have suitable glasses that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

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