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Can I Get Bifocal Prescription Sunglasses? What You Need To Know


Can I Get Bifocal Prescription Sunglasses? What You Need To Know Can I Get Bifocal Prescription Sunglasses? What You Need To Know 

If you have complex vision problems, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get bifocal prescription sunglasses from Designer Optics. The answer is “yes!” And in this blog, we’ll discuss your options for progressive and bifocal lenses at our online eyewear store. 

Yes! Bifocal & Progressive Prescription Sunglasses Are Available At Designer Optics 

At Designer Optics, many of our frames support bifocal lenses and progressive lenses. Bifocal lenses use lenses that focus light at different points, so the lower part of the lens usually lets you see clearly up close, while the upper part of the lens lets you see things that are far away. 

Many people who are older and who have presbyopia (difficulties focusing on close-by objects) choose to get bifocals. Progressive lenses are similar, but they use a “line-less” design, meaning the glasses do not have a stark transition between up-close and far-away objects, which allows your eyes to transition seamlessly between short and long distance vision. 

The Benefits Of Bifocal Prescription Sunglasses

Bifocal prescription sunglasses provide you with a lot of great benefits. Here are just a few of them.

  • Read clearly in the bright sun – If you don’t have bifocals, you may have trouble reading close-up objects like books in the bright sun. Prescription bifocal sunglasses allow you to read clearly at every distance, in all weather conditions.
  • Drive more safely – Bifocals are particularly important when driving. They allow you to see far-away objects like cars, while still focusing properly on nearby information like your speedometer and other information on your dashboard.
  • Avoid wearing reading glasses – Bifocal eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses both allow you to avoid wearing reading glasses. You can wear one set of glasses for everything you do indoors in your day-to-day life, and one set of sunglasses for everything you do outdoors, which simplifies your lifestyle quite a bit.

Not All Frames Support Bifocal Or Progressive Lenses 

Manufacturing bifocal lenses and progressive lenses is quite a bit more difficult compared to making a single-vision lens. This means that not all frames at Designer Optics support bifocal or progressive lenses. 

To find out if a particular set of frames is compatible with your unique prescription, just shop online now, then contact the team at Designer Optics. This will allow you to find out if your desired sunglasses or eyeglasses will work with your prescription.

Shop Online & Enjoy Clear Vision With Our Bifocal & Progressive Prescription Sunglasses 

No matter your prescription or your style, Designer Optics has what you need to keep your vision clear in all conditions – and to make sure you look good, too! So don’t wait. Shop our full selection of prescription sunglasses now, and find the frames that are right for you. With tens of thousands of products available, we know you’ll find what you need.


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