Progressive and Bifocal Eyeglasses Lens Types is Proud to offer High Quality Progressive Lenses, including Varilux Comfort DRX and Varilux X Series, Below are all Options we offer explained in detail
  1. Standard Progressive

This type of progressive lens is made with standardized parameters in mind, such as distance. This lens type is ideal if you have a symmetrical face and average parameters to your eyesight. Standard progressives are the perfect option for you as there will be no need to optimize your field of vision further with the individual parameters that you would otherwise need. This type of progressive lens focuses on your near vision at the bottom, and your farsightedness at the top of the lens. Your eyes can easily transition between the two segments without noticing.


  1. Premium Progressive Varilux Comfort DRX

Premium progressive lenses are one-of-a-kind and made just for you, with individual parameters. If you have a wide pupillary distance, then premium progressives Varilux Comfort DRX are ideal for giving you the widest field of high-quality vision. With this type of lens, individual adjustments can be made to suit your eyesight needs. Premium progressive lenses give you a larger field of vision with fewer distortions to your sight as they are custom-made. These lenses will be sized to fit both your needs and your chosen frames, allowing you to have an optimum vision with lenses that will work for your chosen frames. 


  1. Super Premium Progressive Varilux X

If you want the clearest vision with lenses that will give you a seamless field of vision, then the custom-made super-premium progressive Varilux X lenses are perfect for you. With the super-premium progressive lens, we can account for every individual nuance of your eyesight, if you require a strong prescription. Individual adjustments are made in the parameters of these lenses to match your specific needs, making them an ideal investment for those with worsening eyesight or for glasses that are going to worn all day long. Your eyes will have a significantly larger area of clear vision than they would with traditional lenses. 


  1. Bifocal - Flat Top 28

Bifocal lenses have two different powers within the lens which allows for two fields of vision correction. The ’28’ in the name indicates the size for the lens from side to side. These lenses correct your vision for both near and far distances. Bifocal lenses are prescribed for anyone who suffers from presbyopia (near-sightedness) and hypermetropia (long-sightedness). The flat-top lens has a segment at the bottom that focuses on your near vision, and your ability to read at close distances. The flat-top 28 lenses are easier for eyes to adapt to, and are a popular choice for those changing from single vision lenses to bifocals. 

  1. Bifocal - Flat Top 35 

The bifocal lenses correct your vision for both near and far distances and are prescribed for anyone who suffers from presbyopia (near-sightedness) and hypermetropia (long-sightedness) as they have two different powers to correct your full field of vision. The Flat Top 35 lens is wider from side to side at the top compared to the Flat Top 28 lens, giving you a larger reading area at the top of 35mm. The flat-top lens has a segment at the bottom that focuses on your near vision and improves your ability to read at close distances.


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    Do you make lenses with prism corrections?

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    how much extra would be if I want my glasses with the auto-darkening feature? or can I get only one pair with the auto-darkening?

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    sir am using a progressive lenses but can not move around with it, since I see objects larger than usual, please help me

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    Sirs, This is also important to indicate the effects rather side effects on eyes if progressive/single lens is used for two vision or eye ditances
    It is not suiting outright lens people says you have to use it little longer time to experience shows it does not suit for too long time. Pl. Clarify if you can.

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    May Almighty God blesses your knowledge

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