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Kate Spade Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Kate Spade Sunglasses – Their History!

Coming from a fashion empire that was built on a hand bag, Kate Spade Eyewear bring that same off-beat style to eyewear.

how did Kate Spade start her career?

The lady behind the brand, Kate Spade, started as an accessory’s consultant for Manhattan’s Mademoiselle Store. She left that position in 1991 to pursue the dream of designing her own handbag line. By 1993 “Kate Spade Handbags” was a design company and by 1996 had its own shop in SoHo. Since then, Kate Spade & Co. is the brand when it comes to chic and fashionable accessories, including eye glass frames.

Kate Spade took off as a brand for the breath of fresh air it brought to the industry. By infusing classic looks with popular trends, Kate Spade accessories have always been on the cutting edge of style even with eyewear. Bold, Kate Spade has never shied away from daring men and women to test their own boundaries with energetic looks.

Kate Spade Sunglasses and Eyeglasses, made with a “Passion for Fashion”

While browsing the dozens of eyeglasses and sunglasses designed by Kate Spade, you will be inspired by unconventional colors and styles that merge seamlessly. The KS Alease models pair striking prints with bold color, like polka dotted temples latched onto solid black rims. Or patches of pinks with solid lilac. These intriguing patterns invite you to try something different with your eye wear.

For those who prefer a less pronounced frame, the KS Alfreda line uses wire rims that are topped with a line of bright colors. These styles are seemingly understated, with a touch of whimsy in the checkered backing. The perfect look in eye wear for women who want to stand out in a crowd.

KS Elisabeth makes an even bigger splash with rectangular frames. Using a subtle pattern on the outside, and a contrasting splash of color on the inside, these make a bold move in classic eye wear.

Kate Spade takes you out in the sun too, with dozens of innovative ideas in sunglasses. Large lenses offer you full protection from the sun’s rays, while eye-popping frames make an impactful statement about your passion for high fashion. Make it movie star glam with KS Ailey sunglasses, cute and chic with KS Bernadette, or sophisticated with a pair of KS Sherrie’s hiding your eyes.

Since the launch of the brand, Kate Spade & Co. has brought an element of wit and flair to the accessories industry. Now seen as a lifestyles brand, the company has branched out into all aspects of your everyday world, including stationary, swim wear and even luxury china in a partnership with Lenox.

When a brand is able to accomplish so much in such a short period, you know they are just as committed to quality as they are to design. This commitment shines through in a carefully crafted line of frames that brings out the best in your eyes.

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