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Prada Sunglasses and Eyewear History

Having just celebrated their 100th year, Prada continues to drive the fashion industry forward with an extensive collection of luxury clothing, shoes, accessories and prada sunglasses.

The Italian fashion house Prada has been in the business of luxury since 1913. Starting as a shop focused on leather goods, brothers Mario and Martino Prada quickly made a name for themselves in Milan. But it was Mario’s daughter – Luisa- and then granddaughter – Miuccia – who built the brand into the icon that we know today.

When Miuccia took over the store in 1978, sales were close to $450,000. She made the bold move to begin using her own creativity in the designs and released a set of back packs as her first endeavor. With the help of wholesale accounts in high end department stores around the globe, the backpacks became a hit, allowing Miuccia to open a second shop in a trendy part of the Milan shopping district. By 1984, the House of Prada started its shoe line, and expansion into the global market. Shops bearing the Prada name began popping up in cosmopolitan cities like Florence, New York, Madrid and Paris. This was just in time to receive the first classic Prada handbag, whose popularity has never wavered in 30 years.

A clothing line was next, and the quality fabrics, clean lines and unique designs that transpired cemented the House of Prada as a fashion force to be reckoned with. This allowed for the brand to enter the 1990’s as one of the most influential fashion houses in the industry.

The ‘90’s saw the emergence of Prada men’s wear and a high end line – Miu Miu – for the young and chic. As the brand continued to grow, it branched it even further into luxury accessories, perfumes and eye wear.

Like the rest of their products, Prada eye wear embodies fashion forward. With high quality materials and careful construction, you can drape your eyes in elegant style.

Having never shown fear in breaking fashion barriers, Prada sunglasses and eyewear is an infusion of unexpected colors and daring patterns. Bring bling to your eyes with a wide temple encrusted with rhinestones and splashed in purple. Or let the tiger out with jungle prints latched on to a bold white rim.

what should i expect from prada eyewear?

With Prada eyewear you should expect the unexpected. Show your quirky side by encircling your eyes in forest green, or soften your look with lovely shades of yellow. Both men and women will find that the Prada collection of innovative eye wear is suitable for any style.

Ready for rockstar shades? Prada has carefully crafted sunglasses as well. Designed to impress, Prada sunglasses are the epitome of high end fashion for the eyes, when you want to be poised to make a lasting impression.

Prada is poised to continue to impress. With the creative mind of Miuccia behind the helm, expect for Prada to continue its mission of taking the fashion world by storm.