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Smith is your go-to brand for high-performance eyewear.

Delivering exciting eyewear to match the thrilling lives of its wearers, Smith eyeglasses, sunglasses and goggles are designed with the most advanced lens technology to get them through surfing, skiing, hiking, biking, snowboarding and similar activities. This is made possible by giving the lenses an aerodynamic shape to cut through the wind while ensuring optimal comfort. Smith is known for its ingenious designs and killer performance that enhance clarity and provide greater definition by filtering out wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. When you put on an eyepiece from Smith, you get ready to step into a world that pops with maximum colors and contrast. Plus, their sunglasses also sport an anti-reflective, water and oil resistant coating that guarantees up to 12X scratch resistance than polymer lenses. Browse through the lineup below, these prescription sunglasses can keep up with wherever the day takes you


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