Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses



Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses

6638O4 - Blue - Grey Mirror Blue


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Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses

The oversized Ray-Bans boldly announce both retro inspiration and forward-looking panache. Evolving from the emblematic designs of the '60s rock era and the artistic flair of the '80s, these sunglasses have set a new benchmark in the world of fashion eyewear. As the latest iteration in Ray-Ban's storied history, they seamlessly blend the classic with the contemporary, marking themselves as a true "new icon" in modernity.

Design and Aesthetics: Striking a Balance Between Art and Eyewear

With their distinct thick profiles and temples accentuated by dot rivets on the front, these sunglasses showcase an unmatched aesthetic appeal. The frame, available in a variety of colors including the sophisticated striped Havana brown, the serene transparent dark blue, and the black green classic, caters to diverse personal styles. The frame's square design lends a sturdy appeal and brings out an exclusive allure. It is a piece of art just as much as a functional accessory.

Lens Features: From Clarity to Style

The Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S does not compromise on the quality of vision. Packed with an array of lens styles, including solid and gradient ones as well as fresh mirror lenses, these sunglasses promise not just clear vision but a stylish edge too. These sunglasses, designed with large lens width and height for broad coverage, also offer progressive lenses to suit all prescriptions - a true jack-of-all-trades in the prescription eyewear game.

Comfort and Fit: Engineered for Every Face

Understanding the diverse needs of its wearers, Ray-Ban has designed these sunglasses to accommodate different facial structures. Whether you have a high nose bridge or lower cheekbones, the adjustable bridge and customizable temple length ensure a comfortable fit for all. So, with their keen focus on detail, picking the perfect size is a breeze, making these sunglasses an easy pick for anyone.

Customization and Prescription Lenses

In a nod to individuality, the Mega Wayfarer 0840S offers extensive customization options. You can easily add prescription lenses to suit your vision needs. The process of measuring and determining the right fit is simplified, ensuring that your sunglasses are as unique as you are.

The Ray-Ban Promise: Quality and Craftsmanship

As a product of the Luxottica Group, these sunglasses promise unparalleled quality. Quality craftsmanship means Ray-Ban sunglasses stand the test of time. Ray-Ban sunglasses are built to last.

Shopping and Services: Making Your Experience Seamless

Whether shopping online or in-store, Designer Optics ensures a seamless Ray-Ban experience. With easy returns and a secure checkout process, customer convenience is priority. The after-sales service and accessible customer contact options are the reason to choose Designer Optics for customer satisfaction. Shop these glasses with us for a great price!

Pricing and Availability: Owning an Icon

The Ray-Ban RB0840S mega wayfarer is an investment in style and quality. Priced to reflect its value, these sunglasses are readily available in stock, both online and in physical stores. Purchase it with just a click for an enjoyable buying experience of anyone wanting a piece of modernity.

Why Choose the Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S

The Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses are not just a good choice; they are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and quality. The Mega Wayfarers blend classic style with modern appeal. The wayfarer frames can be worn at any occasion.

Customer Experience and Feedback

Ray-Ban encourages its customers to share their experiences and images wearing the Mega Wayfarer 0840S. Staying connected with the brand through updates and feedback is encouraged, fostering a community of style-conscious individuals who appreciate the legacy and future of eyewear fashion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jami Wozniak
New twist on the old frame

Love the thick sides of the glasses, reminds me of the original with a twist

Samet Saracbas

Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer 0840S Sunglasses

Pat Musto
Mega wayfarer

Love these sunglasses, classics

Freddy Hernandez


Blake Stoimenoff
Mega Great!

These Mega Wayfarers are stylish, comfortable, and very aesthetically pleasing! I get many compliments every time I wear them. Would highly recommend!

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