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Horn Rimmed Glasses

Frame your eyes with a classic look. A retro style that keeps springing up again and again. Decade after decade. An eternal flair for eyewear fashion. Our new collection of Horn-Rimmed Glasses is neither a spur-of-the-moment idea nor an ingenious new design. It's a nostalgic look. Inspired by more than 100 years of eyewear fads. Horn-rimmed Eyeglasses are a bold attempt - from us to you - to revive a lost sense of fashion.

Whether you're making a bold environmental statement or looking for unique hipster-style glasses, our horn rimmed glasses has what you're after.

intellectual gaze...irresistible charm

Uniquely Different

We are at a time when everyone wears the same glasses. when manufacturers produce only for the masses. We are now accustomed to seeing individuality exclusively on red carpets and in movie theaters. And that's why, where all the look-alike glasses fail to rise, our Horn-Rimmed glasses shine with a thousand lights.

Distinctive Design

Horn-rimmed glasses have a unique design that follows the natural rhythm of your face. They flatter your eyes with a wide full-frame and gently caress your nose with a standard keyhole bridge. So, the look you get depends on the look you showcase.

Intellectual Allure

If you're seeking to get everyone to look twice. Then make our horn-rimmed glasses your number one choice. The hipster and playful looks these eyeglasses grant you are truly mesmerizing. Unlike regular glasses, they are lighter and less pronounced. And you can wear them all day long with no hassle.

Animal-Free Material

The horn-rimmed glasses were originally made from genuine buffalo horn. But since their first appearance in 1917, technology has considerably evolved. So, our engineers have successfully found the ultimate solution. To accurately mimic the fingerprint of the buffalo horn design without harming any animal in the process. And it's all made with acetate, which is a natural and renewable material.

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