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Blue Light Blocking Lenses
Blue Light Blocking Lenses

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What is Blue-Light?

Blue light has the shortest wavelength and highest energy of the visible light spectrum that penetrates deep into the eye. In today's screen-filled world, blue light is everywhere, indoor or outdoor. It is emitted both by artificial light sources and by our biggest light source of them all – the Sun! We all are exposed to these potentially harmful lights. The little we realize is the discomfort an extended exposure to blue light can spur. It can blur your vision, make eyes itchy, and even disturb your sleep cycle.

Now you may exclaim that you have unavoidable work conditions, so how to avoid blue light exposure to reduce digital eye strain? Not to worry, with our blue-light blockers, you can reduce the exposure to potentially harmful blue light while continuing to do your daily chores. Scroll through our collection of anti-blue light glasses to get the best-suited blue-light blockers on budget.

How Does Blue Light Affect Us?

Do you often complain of headaches, sore eyes, and stiff necks? No wonder screens can be a reason behind it, as looking into the screen without screen protection glasses for an extended time can cause digital eye strain. If you scrutinize your lifestyle, you will probably find out that you spend a good portion of your daily hours in front of screens without any realization.

Generally speaking, the amount of artificial high-energy visible light we are exposed to by phones, laptops, and other digital devices has increased: we use LED screens for longer, at closer proximity, and more frequently than ever before. The severity of the effects of blue light you may experience can vary depending on how long you use your digital device. Your reason behind using screens can be anything, but the use of glasses to protect from screens is the only solution for it. Check our collection of screen protection glasses.

Protect Your Eyes In-Style with Screen Glasses for Blue Light

The first step towards protecting your eyes without completely eliminating your need for screens is to get screen glasses. Our blue light blocking lenses are equipped with modern technologies like blue-light filters and UV protection. They reduce the impact of blue light on your eyes, enabling you to use your screen without worrying about digital eye strain. Whether you're in front of the screen for gaming sessions, completing a presentation into the wee hours of the night, binge-watching shows, or reading your favorite book online, get yourself a sleek and comfortable blue light blocker from our stylish collection, and make the most of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need blue light blockers?

Harmful Blue Light may contribute to the development of certain eye conditions and is believed to increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all day?

Yes, blue light glasses are made to wear during the day and night. In addition to filtering out the blue light emitted from digital devices, blue light glasses can also help reduce glare from oncoming headlights and street lights when driving at night.

Can blue light glasses fit with my prescription?

Yes, all blue light glasses on the Designer Optics website can fit with your prescription. Once you have selected your frames, choose "Add Prescription" from the top-right side of the product page and fill in the details as required in simple steps.

Do blue light glasses prevent headaches?

Yes, wearing glasses for computer screens or blue light blockers potentially reduces some light that reaches the eyes, resulting in fewer or less severe headaches.

I am having trouble sleeping at night. Can blue light glasses help me?

Yes, they can. Blue light from screens can reduce the production of sleep hormones and disrupt sleep patterns. Wearing blue light glasses can prevent this reduction in melatonin and ensure a good night's sleep.

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