What Type Of Sunglasses Are The Best For Fishing? 5 Things You Should Look For To Get The Best Fishing Sunglasses


Going out Fishing? Whether on a fishing trip, or inshore fishing, you will need the best of the best for your fishing adventure. 

Smith Optics Fishing Sunglasses

If you’re an angler, getting the right sunglasses is essential for a great fishing experience. You need to protect your eyes, particularly when you’re on the water during an extended fishing trip. As found by a study done by National Center for Biotechnology Information NIH "Several procedures can be recommended to prevent ultraviolet light damage to the eye, such as the use of suitable protective glasses when outdoors."

Spending time under the sun without protection is not the best idea, but there are some sunglasses that were made especially for open water, should it be fishing, open water sports, or any outside water activity, and those products are broken down by the activity you are doing. For example if you are fishing, you want to be able to see the water as clear as possible without reflections from the sun.

We have created a specialized collection that includes all sunglasses from different brands that are advertised as fishing sunglasses, but which are the best and why they are the best, below we will review some of the greatest fishing sunglasses, please note we are not paid by any brand to place one above the other, we sell all of them, we are basing it on facts and real reviews from actual users, 

First check out what we are looking for in a pair of sunglasses that it should be considered "Fishing Sunglasses"?

  1. Mirrored, Polarized Lenses

First, you definitely want polarized lenses. Polarized lenses help protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation, and they also help reduce glare and reflection in the water, allowing you to see further into the water. This can be crucial when reeling in a fish or spotting a good fishing area. Mirrored lenses are also recommended, since they help cut glare even further.

  1. Wraparound Design

Sunglasses that don’t cover your entire eye area should be avoided for fishing. Sunlight leaking into your sunglasses can interfere with your vision and even lead to UV damage in bright environments. So, choose glasses with a wraparound design, where the lens covers both the front and sides of your eyes.

  1. Blue Lenses For Open-Water Fishing

As a rule, blue lenses are the best for open-water fishing. They help cut down on the blue color of the open water, improving contrast and making it easier to see in the water. This enhances your vision.

  1. Amber, Copper, Or Brown Lenses For In-Shore Fishing

Lens color is a bit less important for in-shore fishing, since the water will tend to vary more in color and it will not be as bright outside.

However, it may be best to consider amber, copper, or brown lenses, particularly if you tend to fish in areas with darker, murkier water like lakes or slowly-moving rivers. These colored lenses can help improve contrast when you’re fishing, making it easier to see beneath the water.

  1. A Comfortable, Yet Secure Fit

You may be wearing your sunglasses for hours at a time, so you’ll need to make sure they’re comfortable. Rubber nose pads and temple pads help cushion your ears and your nose for more comfort.

These features also have the benefit of holding your sunglasses in place securely, which is important when piloting a boat at high speed, dealing with a thrashing fish, and in many other situations.

Our Top Choices 

now that we covered what we want in those sunglasses, lets start by reviewing our top choices, 

1. Costa Del Mar Fantail Pro 9079 Sunglasses 

the Costa Fantail Pro not only hits on all the 5 points we mentioned above, but also has technology that's far better then any other fishing sunglasses, build specifically for open water fishing, it comes with costa 580 Lenses, which can be identified by the number 580 engraved on the left upper corner of the lens, it has multipatented technology which is focused on 

  • Absorbing Harmful High-Energy Blue Light (HEV)
  • Enhancing Reds, Greens, and Blues
  • Filtering Out Harsh Yellow
  • Costa Del Mar Fantail Pro 9079 Sunglasses

    Another great thing about those sunglasses is, that you can make them into prescription, Costa will do the prescription with all the same technology the original lens is made, this is a custom order, and if you are interested we can help you get it, to order this with a prescription please email us, this is custom made by costa and we will get you the best price possible, 

    2. Another Costa But Woman in Mind, The Costa Del Mar Waterwoman 2 9004 Sunglasses was made as a fishing sunglasses for woman! 

    While it has the 580 Technology it gives up the wrap around for style, but they made the temples high enough near the eyes to block that sun form coming in from the sides, the reason for it being number two, there was no other woman fishing sunglasses with technology and style combined, 

    the optimal usage recommended by costa are

    • Boating and fishing in deep water
    • Open reflective water
    • Harsh sun
    Costa Del Mar Waterwoman 2 9004 Sunglasses

    Most of the colors we offer come with a mirror coating, either Blue Mirror or Silver Mirror, this can also be made into prescription, same as above this will need to be made by Costa to ensure it has the same technology, so if you need this with a prescription don't hesitate to call or email us at,

    3. Oakley Split Shot 9416 Sunglasses 

    Made by one of the biggest names in sports eyewear Oakley Split Shot are recommended by many fisherman who have tested it out and love them, 

    Lens Features





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