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Clinique - A Revolution in Beauty

Clinique is a leading brand of skincare and cosmetics having launched a revolutionary concept in the industry. Founded in 1968, the inception of Clinique was a feature in Vogue magazine, where the article "Can Great Skin Be Created?" penned by beauty editor Carol Phillips, alongside the leading dermatologist, catalyzed a new era in skincare. As the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder, Evelyn Lauder played the essential role in driving this collaboration forward through her research. She inspired the creation of a line designed with skin health in mind.

Clinique's Foundational Philosophy: Allergy-Tested and Fragrance-Free

Clinique launched as the first-ever line of dermatologist-developed, allergy-tested, and 100% fragrance-free cosmetics, a groundbreaking approach at that time. It championed the philosophy that great skin can be created by a systematic skincare routine—cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise—tailored to one's skin type. Evelyn and Estée Lauder's vision materialized into a brand that valued not only efficacy but also the safety of its products, ensuring minimal irritation for consumers.

Commitment to Personalized Skincare

The Estée Lauder Companies, having a history of creating prestigious cosmetics, found in Clinique a brand that redefined beauty. Its legacy was marked by the introduction of Clinique consultants: professionals trained to treat each customer with a personalized service, offering a skincare regimen that promised results. The message was clear: every individual's skin can attain its optimum health and beauty, irrespective of its condition at the outset.

Global Expansion: A Holistic Approach to Beauty and Health

Clinique's product line expanded beyond skincare into makeup and fragrances, always maintaining its commitment to allergy-tested and fragrance-free products. From its origins in the United States to the markets of Canada and beyond, Clinique products continue to embody the idea that beauty and health are inseparable. That is why they are popular in department stores all across the world.

Clinique's Foray into Fragrance: Redefining Sensory Beauty

Clinique extended its philosophy of hypoallergenic and customer-centric products to the realm of perfumes, creating fragrances that aligned with its fragrance-free policy. They carved out a niche in the world of scents by offering subtle, sophisticated options for allergy sufferers. Each Clinique fragrance is crafted with the same commitment to skin safety and designed to complement the natural chemistry of the wearer's skin, enhancing their individuality without overwhelming it. Clinique's innovation broadened their appeal with their commitment to inclusive beauty. They created an indulgent sensory experience while remaining conscious of consumer health.

Evelyn Lauder's Enduring Legacy at Clinique

Evelyn Lauder's contribution to Clinique was not just as a founder but also as a creative mind that continued to push the boundaries of the cosmetics world. The brand flourished under her guidance, with the products having a significant impact on people's lives. She shaped an industry where the customers' welfare always comes first.

Clinique Today: A Testament to Consumer Trust and Brand Loyalty

Today, Clinique stands as one of the world's premier brands with millions in annual sales to demonstrate the trust and devotion it has gained over time. It's a brand that, from the pages of a Vogue article, transformed the beauty editor's vision into a tangible reality—Clinique made the statement that indeed, great skin can be created.

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