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From nagging headaches to new-age eyewear.

 Matt Michelsen’s chronic experience with headaches and eye strain was caused by spending long hours in front of screens. And just like anyone else, he visited the Optometrist, who quickly diagnosed him with Digital Eye Strain. The problem with this—there’s no real way to reduce screen time especially if your work requires you to work on your computer all day long.


And like any real entrepreneur would do, Matt searched for ways to offer himself and millions like him everywhere with eyewear that allow them to use their devices without any of that chronic aches, itchiness, and strain.


Teaming with Joe Croft, an optical engineer, GUNNAR Optiks was founded in 2007 and specializes in prescription eyewear that is designed specifically to protect eyes from computer vision syndrome. The Cruz collection offers stylish everyday glasses specifically designed for work, yet versatile enough to be paired with your out-of-office looks.


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