All the active folks out there, REJOICE! These eyeglasses adapt to life’s every twist and turn.

Made with a proprietary shape-retaining metal that outperforms other alloys in durability, flexibility, and safety, EasyTwist eyeglasses remember their original shape and return to it when bent or crushed. They use a metal called ‘Trialston’ – which offers unrivaled elasticity and aids in shape recovery. From playing your favorite sports to falling back asleep with your favorite book, there’s no reason for you to worry about your favorite glasses pair losing its shape. The added strength is provided by a super-flexible spring hinge, and some styles include Turboflex 360 technology – basically a pivoting hinge that twists to preserve fit and resist breakage. Available styles include classic silhouettes, streamlined designs, clean lines, textured temples, and other contemporary styles. Hands down, the most durable, adaptable eyeglasses you can get your hands on. Save up on repair and maintenance costs because EasyTwist eyeglasses are made to LAST!

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