Fatheadz Eyewear

The undisputed leader in oversized eyewear!

Fatheadz Eyewear is designed specifically for men and women who love a larger frame. The brand was founded in early 2004 under the direction of Rico Elmore. It started off as an eyewear exclusively catering to men with heads too large to fit in standard width sunglasses comfortably. Fatheadz created a product line with four oversized sunglasses in varying colors. With the passage of time, new products kept coming out, and today Fatheadz Eyewear has over 100 unique product offerings for both men and women seeking larger, wider frames. Fatheadz frames are durably built, competitively priced, and available in a wide variety of colors and styles. The line includes both plastic and metal frames. So, people with large heads, don’t let the size of your head come in the way of looking cool. Just grab a pair from Fatheadz and charge up your look!

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