It’s all in the details.

Lozza has a “cult” stature in the world of eyewear. It’s the oldest brand of eyeglasses founded in 1878 in Italy, and known for its sober and refined models. However, in the face of quickly changing fashion trends, Lozza has broken away from its not-so-quirky designs to embrace the trendy, funky, youthful design language loved by youngsters. Lozza 2022 eyewear collection packs a retro spirit, evergreen slender and understated lines, and sophisticated materials that blend nicely to get wearers an unmistakable look. You will find plenty of awe-inspiring styles in both sunglasses and prescription glasses – made from quality, first-class materials that will provide an ever-contemporary look while keeping your comfort levels high. Whether you’re after a nerdy look, a professional look, chic or stylish, or want something more relaxed and refined, Lozza has every option available. Get ready to explore all this oldest eyewear brand has to offer.

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