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Rivett-Carnac Heritage

Anyone exploring high street fashion history is sure to come across Lulu Guinness brand. She first entered fashion industry at 26 and launched Lulu Guinness store under her own name at age 26 - inspired both by classic old world designs as well as contemporary high street fashion she created an incredible retailer of premier handbags and accessories under Lulu's name.

Lulu Guinness Bags

Signature Bags were first widely introduced into mainstream commerce around 1996.

Lulu Guinness made her mark as an iconic fashion brand through exquisite hand craftsmanship using premium materials, delighting consumers for years afterward with exclusive sales of her bags from purses to backpacks displaying both quality and style.

Lulu Guinness kept pace with fashion industry shifts by branching into wearable accessories with their impressive eyewear collection and marking a significant moment by entering this niche market successfully and seamlessly.

Exploring Lulu's Styles

Designer Optics is delighted to introduce Lulu Guinness's exquisite collection, an amalgamation of vibrant hues and premium materials which have secured her position among fashion enthusiasts since the 80s. Within our treasure trove of Lulu Guinness eyewear can be found neutral tones with simple frames or modernized classic styles to give an instant sophistication; as well as sunglasses which effortlessly combine classic design elements with cutting-edge updates on timeless looks.

Exclusive Bell Hutley Collection

Content on our pages highlights the Bell Hutley Collection as an indispensable discovery for those in search of accessories that express grace and audacity in contemporary women.

Style Options to Meet Every Woman's Needs

Designer Optics' Lulu Guinness collection at Designer Optics showcases works of art that celebrate their legacy and expertise; when selecting eyewear from this line you are choosing not just eyewear - you are making history, elegance and style part of your life experience, making sure there is always something suitable to celebrate life's special events!

Experience Lulu Guinness Glasses with Designer Optics

Designer Optics provides global shipping of these breathtaking pieces with care and precision - our shipping options ensure every transaction goes smoothly, and each piece embodies Lulu Guinness's passion and craftmanship ever since being created by her hands.

Lulu Guinness Collection at Designer Optics Is Committed to Excellence

Women who embrace life with unflappable confidence will love Designer Optics' Lulu Guinness collection; its meticulous construction allows every wearer to relish both beauty and functionality in this time-honored product designed to stand the test of time and wear.

Eyewear that Creates an Impression

Take time when browsing Designer Optics products and collections to appreciate all the love, effort, and craftsmanship involved in crafting accessories that not only meet but exceed customer expectations in design, materials, functionality. Every product embodies Lulu Guinness's legacy - you are purchasing something truly enduring that honors her name!

Today is your opportunity to fall in love with Lulu Guinness Eyewear! Don't wait- find your ideal eyewear in her stunning selections today.

Explore our collections and fall irrevocably in love with eyewear that not only helps improve vision but is an expression of exquisite taste and unparalleled style. Each style, color and design tells its own tale; showing different aspects of our personalities while adding another layer to fashion sense - this world offers more than mere accessories; each piece makes a bold statement about who we are as individuals! Welcome to eyewear that speaks so loudly of who we all are as individuals!


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