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Oakley Flight Jacket

The Oakley Flight Jacket is majorly designed for cyclists and runners to enhance their performance while in the game. lt is a wonder to behold as it comes with amazing aesthetics and performs excellently.

One of the unique selling points that gave it so much traction is its anti-fog feature. You can bet that lots of cyclists would rally around it.

Well, it's tough to say that the technology was as remarkable as expected. You may still find it a bit difficult to cycle even while wearing the Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses.

However, this little setback is compensated for in its Prizm-lens technology. It allows for proper color and contrast regulation.

The Oakley Flight Jacket also enhances your vision and clarity, while protecting you from radiation. More so, it is flexible in that you can always adjust the nose piece to suit you or when you get sweaty.

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