Oakley Sutro sunglasses

For ages, Oakley has been a trailblazer in the eyewear game, constantly stepping up their fashion and functionality with every fresh launch. The Oakley Sutro sunglasses take their sporty style to the next level. The Oakley Sutro shades mix the performance and style that bikers and athletes need. But these shades pack major attitude for any occasion.

Design and Aesthetics: A Bold Statement

The Oakley Sutro redefines the look of traditional sports performance eyewear. The frame, available in a striking matte black Prizm road option among others, offers a bold and versatile look. But these shades give you awesome vision while looking super fly.

Advanced Lens Technology: Beyond Clear Vision

Oakley’s Prizm lens technology is the cornerstone of the Sutro’s vision enhancement capabilities. It's the high-tech engineering of these lenses that gives a major boost to color contrast and detail, making your vision experience nothing short of electrifying. Whether you prefer to choose the Prizm Jade or go for the Matte Black Prizm Road, all lenses are designed to enhance color contrast and give a boost in visibility and detail in specific surroundings - it's just another way Oakley shows their dedication to pioneering lens technology.

High Wrap Shield: A Fusion of Style and Protection

The high wrap shield of the Oakley Sutro creates a unique look that offers extended coverage. The larger lens of these sunglasses not only ramps up their unique style, but it also gives more shield from wind, flying stuff and harmful sunlight. This perfect blend of form and function protects a greater portion of the face and keeps eyewear securely fitted.

Universal Fit: Comfort for Every Face

Addressing the diverse needs of athletes, Oakley has designed the Sutro with a universal fit that accommodates most face shapes. Oakley's eyewear design, made to snugly fit a wide range of users, manages to maintain style and performance while offering comfort all day long.

Material and Durability: The Strength of Lightweight O Matter

The frame of the Oakley Sutro is constructed from Oakley’s patented O Matter material. Because O Matter is lightweight yet durable, the Oakley Sutro frames stay comfortable all day without breaking. Versatile and durable.

Versatility: Engineered for the Urban Jungle and Beyond

Originally inspired by urban cyclists, the Oakley Sutro has transcended its initial niche, proving its versatility across a range of activities and lifestyles. Whether you're hustling through bustling city life or trekking on adventurous trails, these shades are primed to meet the energetic demands of your active lifestyle.

Consumer Experience: Seamless Purchase

Purchasing Oakley Sutro sunglasses is a streamlined experience. Prospective buyers can explore options online, shop them at Designer Optics or visit a store to try them out in person. Oakley goes all out to make sure every customer lands on the sunglasses that fit them just right. Shop the Oakley Sutro Glasses at Designer Optics for all day comfort and style at a great price. The raving reviews of our customers tell it all. With free and easy returns and no hidden fees the Sutro is surely worth a try.

Tailored Options: Meeting Specific Needs

Recognizing the diversity of its users, Oakley offers the Sutro in various configurations, including options for lens width, frame size, and color. So, no matter if you need a specific lens or just prefer a lower bridge fit, there's definitely an Oakley Sutro out there that fits your lifestyle.

Oakley Stands Behind their Shades

Oakley's Promise Icon shows they're dead serious about delivering top-notch quality and making sure their customers are happy. Every pair of Sutro shades you purchase lives up to Oakley's Promise Icon, guaranteeing that you're getting top-notch performance and durability with each wear.

More Than Just Traditional Sports Performance Eyewear

Oakley Sutro sunglasses represent more than just sunglasses; they represent style, performance and quality all rolled into one. Whether you're a pro athlete, city explorer, or just someone who values style, the Sutro sunglasses are undeniably a top-notch pick. Oakley is a brand totally obsessed with making everything they do as awesome as possible.

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