Go from prescription glasses to shades in seconds!

Sunlites is an innovative, intuitive, ingenious lineup of eyewear that aims to reduce the hassle of switching between your prescription glasses and shades. If you truly care about your eyes, you’d put on a pair of sunglasses when going out on a sunny day. But then again, having to keep both pairs and switching between them every time you head out can be a bit of a challenge. Sunlites is here to make this transition as simple as possible. How? These glasses have magnetic interlocking rimless clips that firmly attaches to the bridge, making the transition from eyewear to sunwear virtually seamless. Each clip is made with scratch resistant polarized lenses, spring hinges, and a durable finish. So, get ready to enjoy the great outdoors while giving your eyes the protection they need, in a sleek, simplistic frame that will look good on the face.

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