Viva eyewear captures the signature all-American lifestyle with its stellar combination of traditional styling and upgraded temple designs. Viva is part of Marcolin’s brand portfolio since 2013 and has been a go-to choice among men and women when it comes to fashion-inspired, easy-to-wear, comfortable eyewear. The men’s frames are marked by a mature look - modern single bar construction as well as the more traditional double bar. The women’s frames, on the other hand, sport soft, feminine color tones in a diverse range of flattering shapes, each of which inspires. Viva uses high-quality, eco-friendly materials in both of its eyeglasses and sunglasses lineup to ensure you’re getting not just reliable frames but also ones that keep the planet healthy.

 Each glasses pair is designed with extra care and injected with youthful energy to speak out your personal style. From temples to corners, rim to bridge, and hinges to lenses, everything is meant to set you apart from the crowd.

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