The Pros & Cons Of Prescription Sunglasses – Are They Right For You?

prescription sunglasses

The Pros & Cons Of Prescription Sunglasses – Are They Right For You? 

If you’re interested in some new sunglasses from Designer Optics, you may be wondering if you should get prescription lenses, or just get standard, prescriptionless lenses for your new sunglasses. In this blog, Designer Optics will discuss the pros and cons of prescription sunglasses and help you make the decision that’s right for you! 

The Pros Of Prescription Sunglasses

First, let’s discuss the benefits of choosing prescription sunglasses. Here are a few pros of choosing prescription sunglasses from Designer Optics. 

  • More comfortable than contacts – Contacts can be annoying when you wear them with sunglasses. They may irritate your eye and cause discomfort, which is never a good thing.
  • Avoid eye infections – Contacts also make you more prone to eye infections, since grit, dirt, and other debris can get underneath your contacts and an eye infection. This isn’t a problem with prescription sunglasses, though.
  • Save money compared to contacts – Contacts can be pretty expensive, but prescription sunglasses let you save money by avoiding wearing contacts with your sunglasses. This helps save you some money.
  • More control than transitions lenses – Prescription sunglasses will darken in cars and in other areas where UV light is blocked by glass. You can also switch to your prescription shades instantly without worrying about having to wait for them to adjust over time. 

The Cons Of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are definitely worth it, but there are a few drawbacks you may want to think about when purchasing your new sunglasses from Designer Optics. 

  • More expensive – Prescription sunglasses are more expensive than non-prescription lenses for obvious reasons. This means you’ll need to account for the higher cost of prescription sunglasses when budgeting. Remember, though, that the fact you don’t need contacts does help with this cost.
  • You’ll need to carry an extra set of glasses – You will need to remember to bring your normal glasses and your prescription glasses whenever you’re going somewhere. This can take some getting used to, but it will start to feel more natural over time.
  • Your prescription may change over time – Changing a contact lens prescription is easy. You just get a new set of contacts from your eye doctor. But it’s a bit harder to change the prescription in your sunglasses. This is something to consider if your eyes and your prescription are still changing.

Shop A Wide Range Of Prescription Sunglasses With Designer Optics

At Designer Optics, we’re a leading provider of prescription sunglasses. Prescription lenses can be added to just about any of our thousands of designer frames, providing you with plenty of options for changing up your look and protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays. Shop online now, and see why Designer Optics is the best choice if you want to shop for prescription sunglasses online.

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