6 Myths You Should Stop Believing When Purchasing Glasses Online

6 Myths You Should Stop Believing When Purchasing Glasses Online6 Myths You Should Stop Believing When Purchasing Glasses Online

Gone are the days when purchasing a pair of eyeglasses was a long and stressful process. Today, you can easily and effortlessly purchase your prescription glasses online.

However, as the online eyeglass retail sector grows, so do the misconceptions around it. In this article, we'll highlight six popular myths about purchasing eyeglasses online you should stop believing!

  1. Online Glasses Are More Expensive

This is a popular myth spread by threatened traditional retailers to discourage consumers from purchasing eyeglasses online. Don't fall for this lie! In reality, you purchase eyeglasses at a far lower price online than you would in a brick-and-mortar store.

Online retailers such as Designer Optics have efficiently reduced their operating costs and have passed the savings down to the consumers.

  1. Purchasing Glasses Online Is a Complicated and Time-Consuming Process

False! In truth, the process of buying eyeglasses online is simple and fast. When purchasing eyeglasses online, you don't need to travel to get your glasses, as is the case in traditional eyeglass stores. Instead, you conveniently browse for options, choose your desired eyeglasses, and place an order. In addition to saving time and effort, you're able to think about your decision for days without feeling pressured.

  1. You'll Get Your Prescription Wrong

Purchasing prescription glasses online is the easiest and surest way to obtain the right prescription for you. All you need is to upload an up-to-date prescription to the online eyeglass website, and voila! You'll get a large selection of eyeglasses as per your prescription.

  1. Eyeglasses Purchased Online Are Low Quality

Nothing could be further from the truth. There's a vast array of stylish, fashionable, and high-quality eyeglasses online from top brands.

  1. Eyeglasses Ordered Online Don't Fit Right

This is not true. Thanks to the advances in online shopping, the chances of your eyeglasses not fitting you are close to zero. What's more, online eyeglasses retailers offer sizing guides to allow you to find frames that fit your face perfectly. Also, every pair of eyeglasses has a set of measurements that you can compare with your current glasses to ensure they're a perfect fit.

  1. There's No Way to Know How the Glasses Will Look on You

While you can't physically try out the glasses when purchasing online, you can still get yourself perfectly fitting prescription glasses using a virtual mirror. In addition, the virtual mirror allows you to try as many glasses as you like and get a better view of how each one will look on you--without sales representatives manipulating or pushing you to buy.

Shop Prescription Glasses at Designer Optics

Don't let misleading myths get in the way of you purchasing your desired eyewear. At Designer Optics, we have top-quality sunglasses, eyeglasses, and prescription glasses you can get with just a click of a button. Check out our eyewear collection to choose the perfect glasses for you.

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