Salvatore Ferragamo

Founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy by Salvatore Ferragamo, this Italian luxury goods company has been a specialist in shoes, Swiss timepieces, and fashionable accessories for men and women. The brand came to the limelight in the 1930s, made famous by movie stars and celebrities who touted it as one of the finest luxury brands on the planet.


The unrivaled reputation in the world of luxury shoes and its vintage-focused designs were carried forward to the other products in its distinguished product line. And the same can be seen in their eyewear collection too.


Our Salvatore Ferragamo collection captures the vibrant designs and vintage aesthetics of the design house, adding a touch of old-school charm to the wearer’s outfits. The collection includes handpicked designs and rare finds that will truly give your looks that vintage Salvatore Ferragamo charm.

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